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Facebook down – worldwide panic

Laughing at some of the tweets this morning since Facebook went offline for half an hour. It’s like the world doesn’t know what to do with itself.

Is it a bad habit to check your Facebook page first thing in the morning rather than, say, reading the news? I tend to have a quick look to see if anything interesting is happening locally and then go about my day.

Today though, I wasted an hour of my time looking at Twitter and Google and ITV and BBC and The Guardian to see what was going on with the Facebook outage. Ridiculous. I see a few people suggesting that productivity will go up when in fact it gets worse since everyone’s racing to Tweet about it instead.


Twitter screenshots facebook down


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A 2014 update

I had forgotten that this blog existed!  When I set it up way back when I had intended, of course, to keep regular posts going and no doubt got sidetracked with other things (studying, getting a job, running a part-time business and all that).

I’d never used WordPress when this started and now that I’ve been building fully-fledged websites with custom themes for a few years, it feels weird to figure out the limitations of as a simple blogging platform without any domain name attached to it.

Thinking back, I remember being frustrated that I couldn’t position an image properly or change the styles or anything else that involved CSS so it will be interesting to see what you can do now on the pages.

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